So, for the past 5 years I've gotten into kicks HEAVY (kicks is going to be my word of choice throughout the rest of this post, but basically I'm talking about them things you wear on your feet that aren't dress shoes, boots or flip flops).

Growing up I was always into kicks and I remember one of my first pairs was a red & white pair of high top Air Force 2s. My dad ripped me and called them "moon boots" which subsequently made me sell them, but from that point onwards I was hooked. I went through most of my teens and early 20s still being really into kicks but the obsession started when I was around 25.

Before the ripe age of 25 (a defining moment as I was properly heading into adulthood) some notable pairs were a pair of Adidas Stan Smith "End to End" that featured some artwork by Graffiti Artist Jersey Joe, a pair of Adidas Stan Smith "Neighborhood", a bog standard pair of black Air Max 1s with a cream swoosh and a red pair of Asics Gel Lyte IIIs. The latter 2 pairs were the ones that helped shape the collection into what it is today.

I was always into Adidas before I picked up that pair of Air Max 1. The AM1 opened my eyes and put me onto the running shoe silhouette instead of the classic tennis shoe look I was always used to wearing. Now, 5 or 6 years on, the Asics Gel Lyte III and Nike Air Max 1 are my two favourite silhouettes of all time.

The first "hype" pair I copped was a pair of Air Max 1 x atmos "Safari Pack". I'd found them after searching for different colourways of the AM1 and instantly took a liking to them. I still have them in my collection today, they will always hold a special place in my heart and will never be sold. The last pair I've just copped (at the time of writing this post) was coincidentally another AM1, this time it was the Air Max 1 x Parra from 2018.

I've always tried to stay true to what I like and not be suckered into what is currently hype or what everyone else is wearing and I'd like to say I've been that way all my life. There's 3 times where I've succumbed to being a "hypebeast" however, but I like to think I rectified it straight away. Once, I copped an Off White tee and sold it a week later after realising it I wasn't buying it for the right reasons. I bought a Supreme tee from StockX (that I actually really liked, I'd probably still have it today but it sadly didn't fit) and last but not least I copped a pair of Yeezy 350 "Zebra" but cancelled the order straight after, HA!

At this point, I need to make aware that I'm not one of those people who just stays away from whatever is considered cool just to be "edgy". I've been into Bape, BBC/IceCream & Kaws since the early days and do like some of the stuff Off White has done with Nike as well as liking at least a few pieces from every Supreme collection, in all honesty it's just not my vibe.

Anyway, back to the kicks. The collection currently sits at around 30 pairs. Yes, I almost have a pair to wear each day of the month and I do sometimes think I have too many but that thought doesn't last long and then I get back to pining for the next pair I want. I've told myself 50 pairs that I really, really like is a nice round amount. No "meh" pairs that I'm not too fussed on (beaters aren't included in the 50 pairs :D).

If you're reading this and are into kicks, follow my insta - @kicklection. There won't be any AJ1s, OWs or Yeezys though, so go follow someone else if you're looking for that.


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