OS X Yosemite Beta

As a lot of you already know, OS X Yosemite was released as a beta download recently to the first million users that signed up to their beta program.

I was one of that million. Friday I received an email from Apple telling me I could download the beta from the App Store. As an Apple lover I was over the moon, I immediately backed up my Mac with Time Machine (which I am extremely glad I did) and proceeded to download the beta release.

It took around 3 hours to download (on my parents connection), 3 long hours which involved lazily clicking the screen every 15 minutes to prevent my Mac from going into sleep mode and to see how long was left. 45 minutes to install after download and I was now running OS X Yosemite.

At first glance, I was immediately drawn to the new dock and icons. My desktop background was still a Lego Movie wallpaper so I quickly changed to the Yosemite launch wallpaper and began to have a look around.

It became apparent after 5 minutes that I wasn't going to be able to run this as the primary OS on my MacBook - a) it was incredibly slow and b) it's my main computer I use for work. Launching apps, browsing the internet, searching through Finder - slow, slow, slow.

I was a bit disappointed I must say, but don't get me wrong I know this is a beta release so is more than expected. An hour or so later (after managing to browse to 5 different web pages and checking out a few apps) I decided to revert back to Mavericks (which also took around 5 hours).

So, to sum up I don't recommend installing Yosemite on a primary Mac, as Apple already mention. I guess I'll have to be patient like the rest of us and wait for the official release!

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