Sdf Generator

First post of 2016, keeping it short and sweet.

Recently I published my first side project, Sdf Generator. It came to life after I was thinking how when most people seem to button bash their keyboard (for whatever reason) the letters 'sdf' seem to appear almost all the time.

I also find Lorem Ipsum a bit hipster-ish.

So with a template downloaded from (which is an awesome website by the way) I set out to build it.

With Rails being my everyday tool I thought about going with Sinatra. Simple, lightweight and hey, it's called Sinatra. 2 days later it was published on a Digital Ocean droplet. I submitted it to Product Hunt (didn't get anywhere) and also on Designer News (also, didn't get anywhere). After a post in two subreddits I finally got one comment. 'Someone has finally seen my website', I thought.

To this date I've had just over around 200 people visit my website, with a bounce rate of around 95%. Pretty horrific, but I'm just happy i've finally got something out there in front of the world, even if it is completely useless - I had fun in the process.

You can check it out here:

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