The Whips of Doom

At the ripe age of 29, I came to be in the possession of a car I'd lusted over for a good 7-8 years. I never thought owning one would be a possibility, but it was. This post outlines the cars that came before it and the ones I hope to come after it.

My first car was my Mum and Dad's Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 in Silver. She was a beauty. We spent many a nights cruising around my hometown with the windows down and my mates by my side. It was this car that I had my first accident, first car that I slept in, first car I did a lot of things in actually ;).

The second Whip of Doom was a car that still holds a special place in my heart since it was the first car I purchased with my own money (well, a loan). This was a Volkswagen Golf GTI Anniversary Edition (also in Silver). I loved this car. I owned it around 5 years and did approximately 50,000 miles in it in the time I had it. It was the first car I (tastefully) modified and it was also the first car that I took to a car show. I hope Annie is still out there going strong, she was definintely a car I will remember fondly <3.

The next in the car chain was an E46 BMW M3 in Steel Grey. Annie gave way for the bimmer. This was the first car I purchased a private plate for, M3 UOY (I told myself it kinda looked like M BUOY as in M BOY, but it was a long shot, I know). The M was an amazing car to drive and it sounded like a dream. That 3.2 litre straight-six is a phenomenal sounding engine. However, at 25 and having a reasonably well-paid job, I found it hard to run. The running costs for a car of this stature are far greater than I imagined. It was time to sell. Onto the next one.

The next 2 Whips of Doom deserve an honorable mention but they don't get the same treatment as the first 2. For around 2 years I just needed a car to get me from A to B. I wasn't really using a car as much since I started to use public transport to get to work. The first year saw me riding around in a Renault Clio 1.2 in Dark Blue and the next year saw me riding in a Vauxhall Astra 1.6D in Grey.

Now, to harken back to the first paragraph. Here's where I came to own one of my dream cars. The car in question is a Ford Mustang GT 5.0 V8. The first time I remember seeing this car is on Top Gear when Jeremy Clarkson raced a train to the San Siro. I fell in love with that car from that point and always thought of how cool it would be to own a Mustang one day. Well that day finally came and it's remained here for the last year and a half. Driving Sally has been a joy every time I get in her. The noise, the looks, the speed (within the speed limits), even catching a glimpse of the steering wheel and seeing the prancing horse - it's all been a dream come true.

Sadly, however, my time with Sally is coming to an end and I'm now looking for my next purchase. It's gonna be hard to top a Mustang (without stepping into supercar territory, which I don't have the money for!) but I've narrowed it down to either a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG or a BMW M3 E92. I'm leaning more towards a C63 but bimmers are in my blood since my Dad had a number of them growing up. For now, though, I'm gonna enjoy the last few months I have with my current Whip of Doom. Godspeed.

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